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Antarctic Painting of Pyramid Peak Antarctica Painting Water Color Alaska Painting Gollum Bay
Alaska Painting Columbia Bay Glacier Prince William Sound Alaska
White Island Late Summer Antarctic Painting
Granite Hills in Acadia Painting of Maine Landscape
Moondog over Summit Ice Greenland Painting
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David Rosenthal fine art works include watercolors, sketches and oil paintings of Antarctica and Antarctic paintings and scenes, the Antarctic Continent, Arctic regions, Greenland Coast, Greenland Icecap, Norway, Alaska, Maine, New Hampshire and the Southwest United States including parts of California and Arizona. While working for the United States Antarctic Program and participating in the National Science Foundation Antarctic Artist and Writers Program, David spent four austral winters and six austral summers working in Antarctica. David looks for inspiration from the Alaskan landscape everyday, taking his sketch book along on his daily activities near his home in Cordova, Alaska, eventually the sketches from that book will turn into amazing Alaskan paintings.

Rosenthal's work also includes many water colors, oil paintings, sketches and small studies. The paintings seem to magically reflect the intensity of nature's colors and the atmospheric phenomena that David witnesses. The images in these galleries have been created during his travels from 1977 to the present 2014.