David Rosenthal Artist

Antarctic Paintings - Fine Art Landscape Paintings by Alaskan Artist David Rosenthal

Paradise Bay in Gold Light on Antarctic Peninsula Antarctica Columbia Bay Iceberg Painting by David Rosenthal Alaskan Artist
Antarctic Peninsula Ship View Painting Mountains in late Sunset Light
David Rosenthal at work Painting the Copper River Delta
Anuktuvuk Pass Morning Oil Alaska Landscape Painting

David Rosenthal fine art works include paintings of icebergs, glaciers in several mediums. Watercolors, pencil sketches and oil paintings. Paintings of Antarctica and Arctic paintings with scenes that explore the Antarctic Continent, Arctic regions, Greenland Coast, Greenland Icecap, Norway, Alaska, Maine, New Hampshire and the Southwest United States including parts of California and Arizona. When working for the United States Antarctic Program and participating in the National Science Foundation Antarctic Artist and Writers Program, David spent four austral winters and six austral summers working in Antarctica. Many of these paintings could be considered documentaion of climate change through art. David looks for inspiration in every landscape, everyday, taking his sketch book along on his daily adventures near his home in Cordova, Alaska. Eventually these small sketches turn into amazing paintings.

Future travel includs work as Artist in Residence in Denali Park during the summer of 2015. This will be a great opportunity to see and sketch in Denali Park and the surrounding area and to experience different weather conditions and changing light for future paintings.

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