David Rosenthal Vitus Lake and Bering Glacier Gallery

Bering Image of Glacier Moraine at Sunrise Paintings of Alaska by David Rosenthal
Mount Steller image of oil painting by Alaska Artist David Rosenthal
Alaska Art Painting by David Rosenthal Mount Tom White at Sunset
Sunrise by Vitus Lake Oil painting of Alaska Landscape by Artist Painter David Rosenthal
Vitus Lake and Bering Glacier- East of Cordova on what is sometimes called the lost coast, Bering Glacier flows out of the coastal range of the Wrangell- Saint Elias Mountains and into Vitus Lake. The lake formed by the retreat of Bering Glacier is separated from the ocean by a narrow strip of coastland only a quarter mile in places. A short river connects the lake and ocean and at times of high tides, sea water floods in to the lake, making its water brackish. Mount Steller and Mount Tom White tower above the glacier terminus and lake creating spectacular scenery.