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Art of Alaska image of painting by David Rosenthal Anuktuvuk Pass Evening David Rosenthal Anuktuvuk Pass Morning Painting in the Brooks Range, Alaska Alaska Landscape Art David Rosenthal well known artist Anuktuvuk Pass Afternoon Art in Alaska Painting by David Rosenthal Broken Light in the Brooks Range David Rosenthal well know Alaska and Antarctic Painter painting of Brooks Range Valley Alaska Antarctic - Paintings by David Rosenthal Brooks Range Mountain and Lake
Alaska landscape paintings Kobuk River Twilight Brooks Range Alaska by David Rosenthal Alaska Landscape Art David Rosenthal Antarctic Alaska  Painter Mountain and Stream Antarctic-Paintings Alaska Painter David Rosenthal Brooks Range North Wind Alaskan Artist David Rosenthal oil painting North wind Anuktuvuk Pass Alaska and Antarctic Paintings Soakpak Mountain Brooks Range Alaska Painting by David Rosenthal Painting of The John River Brooks Range Alaska by David Rosenthal
The Brooks Range is a vast area of mountains that stretches from near Kotzebue in the west and the Canadian Border in the east. The Brooks Range mountains rise to about 9000 ft but mostly are in the five thousand foot range. The range is above the arctic circle and for the most part above treeline in altitude and beyond the range of trees in North America. The austere rocky scenery lights up in the long sunrises and sunsets of spring and fall. The summers bring lush greens and sparkling water, while the twilight of winter brings out the unearthly violets and blues reflected from the sky. 

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